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The Dachshund, Teckel, or as it is called in southern Germany: Dackel, has been considered one of the most versatile all-round hunting dogs, capable of covering a large array of hunting tasks above and below ground, as well as in the water. 


The information about the breed's hunting skills was distributed mainly in the German language often in hunters' jargon, therefore not readily accessible to the non-German speaking world.  This might be the reason for its excellent hunting qualities to remain fairly unknown and under-appreciated in North America


Despite the vast popularity of the breed in this continent, American Dachshunds have not been commonly bred for hunting. There are perhaps only a handful of hunting Dachshund breeders in the USA.  


North American Dachshunds are currently bred to standards that are considerably changed from the German breed standard and as a result, are more and more deviating in temperament, conformation, and inevitably in hunting qualities. One might question if not already dealing with different breeds. Hence, the word "Teckel" is being used in this website to refer to a Dachshund from European hunting bloodlines and bred according to the FCI or German breed standard.  


It is the primary goal of this website to introduce and promote Teckels as serious hunting dogs: the TRUE Teckels!  An overview of the history of the breed and the hunting applications are proudly presented. 





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